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Welcome to Durham Anglican Cursillo! Cursillo has been active in this diocese since 2001 and was fully launched at our first Weekend in September 2003. Bishop Mark (of Jarrow) is a member of Cursillo and active supporter, and we have enjoyed the full support of both previous Bishops of Durham.
Former Bishop of Durham, The Most Reverend Justin Welby, now Archbishop of Canterbury also gave us his blessing and encouragement in building up the body of the church in acts of service.

CURSILLO is exciting!

CURSILLO is invigorating!

CURSILLO is empowering!

CURSILLO offers you:

A method for empowering Christians to grow in Faith

A way of renewal for the Church

Inspiration for mission to the World

CURSILLO helps you to discover what it means for YOU to be a Christian in the 21st century!

Very many people who have experienced a Cursillo Weekend join one of its small groups to support each other in Christian discipleship and soon become active in the movement.

To find out more, explore the links on this website. You may also view the video below by clicking the 'Play' button.

Cursillo - Hope for the Anglican Church from Adam Simcox on Vimeo.

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Durham Anglican Cursillo, like all diocesan Cursillos in the UK, operates under the aegis of the British Anglican Cursillo Council (BACC):

Updated:- 11th June 2022

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