After The Weekend

Cursillo encourages us to continue our journey of faith together, chiefly through the support of Group Reunions. These are moderately frequent meetings of three to five people in which we learn together and encourage each other in prayer, study and action.
Their purpose is to help people live out their Christian lives in Church, community, and workplace. Your sponsor, assisted if necessary by the Fourth Day Representative, will help you join a Group Reunion, if you decide to do so.

There are also area or diocesan meetings, called Ultreyas, about every two or three months. These are larger gatherings of those who have been on a Weekend. They have a pattern of worship and witness, and the aim is to renew our commitment and strengthen us for service in the world.

People who have not been on a Weekend or who are thinking of going are very welcome at Group Reunions and Ultreyas.

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