- Lay Director

The Rev Dr Caroline Friswell - Spiritual Director

Beth Gascoigne - Secretary

Responsibilities of Secretary

• Prepare and distribute agendas and minutes for Secretariat meetings and AGM
• Maintain updated address list
• First contact person for team for each Weekend
• Distribute via email or post Palanca list for each weekend
• Publicise all regular Cursillo events to everyone on mailing list (including Ultreyas)
• Distribute Newsletter via email or post

Jeffrey Hewitt - Treasurer

Responsibilities of Treasurer

• Deal with all financial affairs of Durham Cursillo
• Maintain a book-keeping system of receipts and payments
• Encourage Cursillistas to donate regularly to Durham Cursillo, ideally through Bankers Order and Gift Aid
• Manage Gift Aid
• Present audited accounts at AGM

Bill Arkless - Pre-Cursillo Representative

Responsibilities of Pre-Cursillo Representative

• Encourage right sponsorship
• Receive and process applications for Weekends, and provide Secretary with an up-to-date list for each Secretariat Meeting
• Complete Palanca list for each Weekend and send to Secretary for distribution
• Promotional work within the diocese

Sandy Jackson - Weekend Representative

Responsibilities of Weekend Representative

• Responsibility for Weekend manuals
• Ensure adequate supply of materials and provisions as detailed in manuals and inventories, and inform Head Gofor about them
• Check materials after each Weekend in preparation for next, and arrange storage
• Co-ordinate arrangements with OLR for Closing Eucharist and organize tea helpers
• Ensure that the Prayer List for the weekend is completed & delivered to the venue of the Weekend for its start.
• Liaise with OLR to ensure that Chapel and Participant flowers are delivered to the venue

Caroline Johnson - Fourth Day Representative

Responsibilities of Fourth Day Representative

• Send general palanca to UK dioceses and beyond.
• Solicit Palanca from beyond the Diocese.
• Publicise Palanca request lists received from other dioceses at Ultreyas and send them on.
• Arrange 'Welcome Back' event, booking of Prior’s Hall, collection of key on evening, bring tablecloths, paper plates etc.
• Arrange Ultreya venues and all practical details.
• As far as possible, keep a record of Group Reunions, and assist sponsors to help new Cursillistas into Reunion Groups.

Victoria Button - Liaison Officer with BACC (British Anglican Cursillo Council)

Responsibilities of Liaison Officer with BACC (British Anglican Cursillo Council)

• Attend BACC meetings as Durham representative (twice annually) together with the LD and SD and vote as directed by the Secretariat.
• Ensure all information sent by email from BACC is reported in full to the Secretariat.
• Notify Publicity Officer and Secretary when BACC pages are available on BACC website.
• Contribute Durham news to BACC Pages.
• Liaise with Publicity Officer to ensure Durham dates are on BACC webpage.
• Together with LD ensure change of officers is notified promptly to BACC Registrar.
• Communicate with Area Representatives on BACC’s Standing Committee and keep them informed of events within Durham,
which may also be of interest nationally or to adjoining Dioceses.
• Ensure information about attendance for the BACC National Ultreya each year is shared at Secretariat and around the Diocese.

Linda Ross - Safeguarding Officer (CSO)

Responsibilities of Safeguarding Officer (CSO)

“The expectation of BACC is that each Diocesan Cursillo will adopt their own compatible Policy for the Protection of Vulnerable Adults in line with the recommendations of the Church of England’s own. Each Diocesan Cursillo will appoint a Safeguarding Officer to liaise with the Diocesan Safeguarding Officer” - (BACC 2015)

• The CSO (Cursillo Safeguarding Officer) will ensure that Durham Cursillo has a current Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy (VAPP) in line with the Durham Diocesan Policy.
• The CSO will attend any relevant training and ensure that the policy is updated and reviewed annually at the Durham AGM.
• The CSO will be required to confirm to a designated officer of BACC (annually at the BACC Annual General Meeting) that Durham has a current Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy (VAPP) in line with our own Diocesan Policy.
• Ensure that all Cursillistas are aware that the VAPP exists and that all literature circulated to participants on a weekend reflects this.
• Liaise with the Lay Rector of a weekend that relevant awareness and procedure training is given to those on team at a training day prior to the weekend.

Keith Roper - Publicity Officer

Responsibilities of Publicity Officer

Publicity Officer is part of our Servant Community: -

• Prepare Newsletter
• Publicise Durham Cursillo in Newslink and similar publications
• Be responsible for IT matters, e.g. address list, Web site
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