COVID 19, What Can Durham Anglican Cursillo Do?

Dear All,

I just want to share my thoughts and prayers with you all, and maybe encourage you a little.

As you all know by now, we have had to cancel the weekend planned for May. All Church services have been stopped, and I am sure there are no group reunions going on.
Things are hard and I am sure they will not get better overnight. So, what can we as Cursillistas do about all this?

First and foremost,
PRAY. While I’m working from home, I am taking advantage and I am committing a bit more time to quality prayer and worship.
I’m using the fact the house is quiet and the streets are empty to help me to focus on my prayer lists. I am concentrating on a few main areas:

· An end to the pandemic

· My loved ones

· Those most at risk

· The lonely

· Those worried about their jobs and money

· Those working in health (NHS) and social care

· Everyone who’s work means they have to be around others (teachers, shop workers, blue light etc)

· Food supplies

I am sure you all have your own lists and different methods of prayer. Please keep going with them.
It’s a shame we can not meet in our groups as the reunions are so encouraging and a powerful prayer platform. If you can have a reunion over the phone, by Skype or Zoom then please try.
Now may be a good time to send some palanca to someone who lives on their own or is in isolation. We must do all we can to encourage each other.

We know we serve a loving God. He wants to know our concerns and our worries. He hears us and we can ask for help, knowing He loves us and loves that we pray for each other.
So, keep praying and do what ever you can to encourage each other.

With all my love, Ultreya! Martin
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