Cursillo and Mission

A recent Church of England report called 'Mission-Shaped Church' identifies five values for an effective missionary church. How does Cursillo measure up?

- Worship lies at the heart of a missionary church . . . all its life and activity is undergirded by prayer.

Many people experience for the first time on a Cursillo Weekend what it is to be supported and enfolded by the fervent prayer of a Christian community which knows just how essential prayer is to a fruitful life in Christ.

- A missionary church seeks to shape itself in relation to the culture in which it is located.

Cursillo specifically encourages people to be fully engaged with their environments and to study these environments so as to be more effective in winning them for Christ.

- A missionary church exists for the transformation of the community it serves.

The focus of Cursillo is not on itself but on participating in God's mission to change the world and remake it in accordance with His ways.

- A missionary church encourages the gifting and vocation of all the people of God, individuals as well as communities; it invests in the development of leaders.

Cursillo puts stress on the potential of everyone to be a leader in the form of mission to which they are called. It emphasises the need for each individual to be transformed through the working of the Holy Spirit, and for this commends Spiritual Direction and Rule of Life.

- In a missionary church, a community of faith is being formed.

Christians are offered a powerful experience of Christian community on Cursillo Weekends and through its strategy for ongoing mutual support. The Cursillo community and its small groups are expanding continually.
Cursillo serves as a model for relationships and growth within the whole community of faith. Cursillo is shaped for Mission

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