Is Cursillo for you?

Cursillo is for YOU if:

- You are already a committed believer
But you sometimes think: 'there must be more to Christian life than this'

- You read the Scriptures and you pray (sometimes)
But you long for energising grace

- You are part of a church community
But you wish it were more alive with the joy of Christ

- You long to serve Christ in speech and action in the world
But you need the confidence to find the way

Both clergy and lay people are warmly welcome. Cursillo aims to be a model of partnership between lay people and clergy.

Becoming an active member of the Cursillo community involves two things:

1. Attending a Cursillo Weekend
2. Participating in Cursillo activities after the Weekend

To participate in a Weekend please do not hesitate to contact our emailLay Director or emailPre-Cursillo Representative, who will give you much more information about the movement and advice about sponsorship.

You also need to be a baptised Christian, usually aged 21 or over, and you should have the goodwill of your parish priest.

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