What is Cursillo?

What is Cursillo?

- Cursillo (pronounced kur-see-yo) is a Spanish word, meaning a short course. The Cursillo movement began in Spain some fifty years ago. It spread to North America, where in 1972 it crossed over to the Episcopal (Anglican) Church, with the blessing of the Roman Catholic Church, arriving in Great Britain in 1981. It is a world-wide movement, active now in over 30 dioceses in the UK. The movement also has a presence here in several Roman Catholic dioceses, and there are counterparts in other denominations, e.g. Walk to Emmaus. The focus of Cursillo is not specifically ecumenical, but there is a good deal of communication and consultation at the administrative level between its various branches.

- Cursillo provides a method by which Christians are empowered to grow through prayer, study and action, and are enabled to share God's love with everyone.

- Cursillo is for both clergy and laity. It offers a model of how clergy and laity can work together to advance the Kingdom of God, everyone bringing their own different gifts and charisms.

- Cursillo embraces the insights and good teachings of all the traditions of Anglicanism.

- Cursillo in Durham diocese operates with the consent and blessing of our Bishop. We have benefited enormously from the help and encouragement of Bishop John, Bishop of Jarrow, our Spiritual Director up until March 2006, who has for a long time had a leading role in the movement nationally. We are part of the Diocesan Spiritual Network. The Diocesan Missioner, himself a recent member of Cursillo, supports our aim to play an energetic part in mission within the dioceses.

- Members of Cursillo take seriously their calling to discernment, engagement, and leadership in the place they are in. Cursillo is part of the life of any parish, and is not separate from it, or in any way a group apart. It is outward-going, not inward-looking, a resource of prayer, energy and action to be drawn on by parish priests and PCCs.

So, what does Cursillo offer you?

- a stronger faith and a deeper experience of God's presence and purpose

- a lively sense of the Christian community and of prayer

- the confidence to seek to serve the people of God and, with his help, to intervene for good in the environment in which you live and work

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